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Now it is reported on the Coalition for Sustainable Rail website ( that things are on the move, in particular, 107 and 119 which have been despatched to Buenos Aires for restoration. Perhaps in a realistic move, steam is planned only for tourist operation but no doubt the tour operators will be eagerly waiting for the chance to recreate some 'real' coal trains.

Thanks to Trevor Heath for this (added 13th February 2014).

Manfred Schoeler sent me a report of his visit in August and September 1996 with two of his pictures.

See also the TUT report (3rd Dec 1998) for details of then current activity.

Bernd Seiler reports (23rd February 1999) "Steam on the Rio Gallegos system finished some time in 1997 following the arrival of diesels." Ian Thomson (18th October 1999) places it in November 1996 although steam was used with diesels for braking purposes into 1997.

Yard shunting will have lasted rather longer and several enthusiast groups have since run steam charters on stretches of the line.

However, a later Spanish language reports stated that the dispute had been settled and the railway would resume operation on 2nd February 2013 ( (1st February 2013).

Click here for one such (Spanish language) report (3rd June 2000).Shaun Mc Mahon is reported to be working on the project which will see 116 (actually 107) and then 119 returned to service.