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The D13C error can be estimated : 31 = [28^2 (D13C)^2]^0.5 D13C = [961 - 784]^0.5 = 13. The British Museum gave several versions, but no specific answer was given........ Leese explained also that the British Museum did not use the classical method, but a NEW method, developed by the Australian scientists Drs. Note : It seems a little strange, that in the W & W method, the LARGER the errors, the BETTER the CHI^2 test will become. [(646-672)^2/17^2] [(749-672)^2/31^2] (676-672)^2/24^2] = 8.43 The computer, with NO ROUNDING OFF of the values, will give X^2 = 8.76 5.99 states that there is a SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE between the results of the 3 laboratories.

Liturgical traditionalists, for instance, have already voiced some reservations about Francis’ penchant for informality and setting aside the rules, while the church’s peace-and-justice constituency is almost giddy with enthusiasm.

The reason for a statistical analysis of radiocarbon dates, is the FACT that, theoretically, no experimental result is absolute, and to some extent, subject to chance error. The British Museum, selected the Chi^2 to be the criterion for the assessment of the radiocarbon dating results for the Shroud.

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