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I feel lucky, as did my mom, that we had such a beautiful ending. It was a genuine reconciliation and it was really beautiful. But we all acknowledged, including my mom, that we all received a gift at the end.Had she had a heart attack or died in a car wreck, I wouldn't have had that. You cover the somewhat obscure Bob Dylan song ' Tomorrow Is a Long Time.' How did that come about and how reluctant were you to even attempt it? [Laughs] Like when I covered "C'est La Vie" [the Chuck Berry original also covered by Emmylou Harris].I wrote it as an exercise of discipline from Rodney.We were working on my last record and he said, "I want you to go write something and drop the metaphors." Because I was writing things like "Object of My Rejection" and "Damn Liar" that were perhaps one step away from what was really happening to me. He said, "Don't parse words, just write about what you're feeling." I said, "Well, what I'm feeling is I can't even hide this pain anymore. It's now showing itself." We have this deal with pain that we hide it.I went home and grabbed my guitar and started playing it and it just felt so good on my throat.I said, "I feel like Bob wrote this for me."And unlike other women who have done versions of it, you didn't change the pronouns.Dolly left it on Porter [Wagoner]'s bus in the Seventies and Porter gave it to me years ago.

We'll sing, "Twinkle, Twinkle," "ABCD," as they call it, "Wheels on the Bus." They're in a music class as well and have been since they were under a year old. The good thing about our apartment in New York City is that music is everywhere. There are some things that people write that aren't even personally directed toward me, but some of their political things where they think Obama is a Muslim, that he's in bed with the terrorists, it's mind-boggling. Otherwise I could dismiss them and say they're crazy, they're not thinking.The LP, driven by raw, emotional lyrics and a refreshingly experimental approach to country music, was produced by Joe Henry, who previous projects include Grammy-winning works by Solomon Burke and Carolina Chocolate Drops and LPs by Bonnie Raitt, Teddy Thompson and Allen Toussaint.One of the obvious templates for I Am the Rain was Rosanne Cash's extraordinary career-shifting 1990 album Interiors.The line where I kind of knew I was perhaps in the right direction was, "Pain, pain, you have been a most destructive loyal friend, you never left my side, not even once." That's what I had been experiencing with my sadness.

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Your mother passed away after a brief battle with cancer in 2014, and you've been very open about the difficult relationship you and she had, especially when she wasn't coming to terms with your being gay.

They've just always heard me pounding away on a guitar in the other room.