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24-Jun-2017 12:06

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Just 20 percent of those aged 18 to 29 are married, compared with 59 percent in 1960.

“If current trends continue, the share of adults who are currently married will drop to below half within a few years,” the report said.

Do you feign interest in a guy just to get out of the house? A lot of people stick around in undesirable liaisons because they are afraid to be alone.

Are you seeing someone whom you know very well you are not compatible with but you continue to date him anyway because it is better than nothing?

Moreover, the link between marriage and childrearing has become disconnected in the minds of the so-called Millennial generation, those between 18 and 29.

The fact is, women need men’s linear career goals – they need men to pick up the slack at the office – in order to live the balanced life they seek.” A cross section of research data from the Pew Research Center for the last months of 2012 shows the alarming trends for marriage and child-bearing in the US.

You must have heard from women who harp about how their men can't do without them.

While a part of you goes 'Aww', there's another part that wonders how clingy their man really is.

You should not be putting out love in the hope that you will get it back in return.

Unhealthy dependencies develop when we choose to love because we are lonely.The gap, of 22 percentage points, between the value Millennials place on parenthood over marriage, was just 7 points in 1997.

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