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13-Aug-2017 09:01

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Keep your romance to non-working hours (like evenings and the weekend) and you’ll avoid any potential work conflicts.

Don’t start a romance with someone who is not available.

This involves fulfilling your basic work responsibilities and, as noted above, avoiding romancing on company time.

Don’t date your manager or someone who reports to you.

Do not talk poorly about the person or let people know you were in a relationship together that broke up. From my vantage point, an office relationship is okay if handled graciously, but if you're just looking for a casual relationship, keep it to your private life only.

Some discourage these relationships while others encourage you to be transparent about an office romance.A flirtation at work can certainly make it more interesting to come into work on a Monday morning but there are also some dangers involved and before embarking on dating a co-worker it’s best to understand the risks, such as developing a negative reputation in your HR department.