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You have to worry about how to feel sexy with a plastic pump attached to your lower back; how to still feel desirable with bruises on your stomach from insulin injections; and when in your relationship to tell your new boyfriend he’ll need to run and grab orange juice if you start to pass out.

Author Amy Stockwell Mercer was 14 when she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

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She’s learned to wear the pump on her waistband, outside her clothing, when she’s travelling and to “never, ever wear a long skirt going through the checkpoint.

There is nothing more humiliating than a TSA agent frisking your inner thighs while the whole world is watching.” And don’t forget, “eastward travel means a shorter day. Westward travel means a longer day, so more insulin may be needed.

Her book includes her own experience of living with diabetes, as well as advice from other diabetic women on topics ranging from dating and diet to travel tips and motherhood.

According to a University of Toronto study, teenage girls with diabetes are twice as likely to develop eating disorders.

” In a chapter on travel, a woman warns that the battery in her insulin pump sets off the metal detector at the airport.“When I first started wearing the pump, I hated it. Rising levels of progesterone counteract the action of insulin.The only way to manage changing insulin requirements right before your period is to measure your [blood glucose] often.” Most of the women in Mercer’s book agree it’s best to tell your friends and dates as soon as possible about your condition.the diabetes management platform Care Link by Medtronic).

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Such care services are usually offered in conjunction with connected devices.

medical equipment for hospitals and doctors’ surgeries are not included.