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All Shop Bots have full 3D capability, and the high-speed capabilities of PRS Shop Bots make them excellent for efficient 3D work.There is a lot of confusion surrounding 3D and how to best make it work for you and your type of application.Images courtesy of Vectric VCarve Pro Shop Bot Edition will v-carve any of the fonts on your computer.You can design using any font, or design with arbitrary shapes such as those in logos or simple line drawings.In 3D, your CNC cutter tip follows paths at 3D angles or in 3D curves in order to mill or carve complex shapes into the material.

This is harder and frequently more expensive than 2D, but takes full advantage of your CNC tool's capabilities to produce fully contoured shapes milled to your specifications.3D cutting, machining and sculpting can be used in many different types of projects.It is one of the most impressive capabilities a Shop Bot CNC tool will bring to your shop.These earlier CNCs were thus not capable of 3D carving and were referred to as 2 or 2.5D tools.

Now, rather than specifying the capability of a CNC tool, the terms 2, 2.5 and 3D are more descriptive of the nature of the design side of a project; either what is done with the design software, or what the design software is capable of doing.Here's a little sample: If all we have is a flat outline of something we want to cut out, that would be considered 2D.

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